About EClear

EClear Services Limited (ESL), (incorporated as public unlisted company under the Companies Act, 2017) has been granted license to act as Pakistan’s first “Professional Clearing Member (PCM)” under the “Professional Clearing Members Regulations 2020” by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).




Introducing unique and innovative services to facilitate both Investors & Market intermediaries towards a robust Capital market. We are focused on cultivating collaborative partnerships for effecting ease of doing business and reducing cost of doing business.


Digital Onboarding of Investors


Risk Management and Back office IT system


Clearing, Settlement and Custodial services


Complete KYC and AML outsourcing services


Access to all leverage Markets

Frequent Asked Questions

EClear Services Limited enables outsourcing of Clearing, Settlement & Custodial services to trading members of the Stock Exchange, enabling them to provide more efficient services to their clients.

Why was EClear established?
Previously, it was observed that most of the investors were losing interest in the capital market, therefore, in order to improve the confidence of the investors a new broker regime was introduced by the regulators in which TREC holders were divided into 3 categories. EClear was established in order to facilitate the 3rd category brokers which fall under the category of “Trading only”. Since the 3rd category brokers cannot hold the customer’s cash and custody, EClear will provide professional clearing services to those brokers for clearing, settlement and custody of customer’s assets for customers.
What is EClear’s Market Size?

Currently, there are 36 brokers that will be mandated to obtain PCM services.

Who is your Target Audience (Primary and Secondary)?
In the first phase, we will be targeting Trading Only (TO) only category brokers and in the second phase, we will be targeting Trading & Self Clearing brokers. We might see mushroom growth in the number of brokers who will be willing to opt PCM services.
Who is EClear’s competition?
Brokers having the Trading & Clearing license will be our competitors.